Wareing’s Member / VBPD K-9 Handler Jeremy Molinar Places 2nd In Iron Dog Competition

Wareing’s Member / VBPD K-9 Handler Jeremy Molinar Places 2nd In Iron Dog Competition

We wanted to give a great, big shout-out to our very own Jeremy Molinar

for placing an outstanding 2nd place in this year’s annual Virginia Police Work Dog Association Iron Dog competition. This year’s Iron dog was held at Smith Mountain Lake in Franklin County, Va.

The Iron Dog is a competition for Police and Military K9 handlers from all around the state. This year,  there were close to 40 K9 teams participating.  “Essentially” Jeremy told us, ” it’s a cross country/mud run that you have to complete with your K9 partner”.


This year’s course was 2.25 miles through the woods at Smith Mountain Lake 4H Club and started out in a K9 police vehicle with the dog in the back.  When they said go, the contestant exited the vehicle and had to drag a 100lbs dummy approx. 15 yards.  After dropping the dummy, they then had to grab their dog from the back of the car and start the run.  Throughout the course there were the following obstacles: large hills; low crawling; the firing of 6 rounds at a target; a water crossing; the climbing of a 25 ft. wall; a 150 yard ruck sack carry; a 30 yard dog carry. There were also numerous obstacles the dog had to jump/crawl under. The finisher involved a  decoy in a “bite suit”.


Jeremy Placed 1st in this event last year, and placed 2nd in this year. He and another Virginia Beach K9 handler also placed 1st in the team competition as well.


Jeremy Molinar is a Master Police Officer (MPO) with the Virginia Beach police Department. His dog, a Belgian Malinois, is named Ranger. Though Jeremy feels he owes the staff at Wareing’s for the advice and knowledge we shared with him as he set out to train for this event, Wareing’s Gym would much rather thank Jeremy, Ranger clocking in everyday to keep our community safe. These two, along with the rest of VAPD, are the true heroes.