What is your motivation?

I love to hear about people’s workouts.  I think it’s great to share with others what you are doing in the gym or on the road.  Quite often I can pick up some new things to try myself, or share with friends and clients.  However, for me the most important thing isn’t what you did but why?  Training is not the end –  it is a means to an end.  If you don’t have an “end” in mind, then most likely your training is either all over the place or without any variety at all.  Put another way, goal-oriented training is always more effective than “What do I feel like doing today?”

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times: Train to live, don’t live to train.  It’s not about what you do in your workout, it’s about what your workout does for you.  So then the question arises, “What do you need your workout to do for you?”  This is the most important thing you need to determine before you train.  Are you training so that you can run a marathon?  Do you want to be able to complete a Tough Mudder?  Do you want to be able to chase the grand-kids at the neighborhood park?  Would you just like to get through the day free of pain?  Whatever your motivation is, that’s the important thing.  Your workout is just the vehicle to get you there.

Now what I really want to hear about your workout is how it’s getting you closer to your goal.  I recently took a trip with my three boys (ages 12, 10 and 4) to the Blue Ridge Mountains for a little hiking.  The first hike we did was only .8 miles but you climb 800 feet in those .8 miles.  As tough as it was for me, think about my little guy – he had to take twice as many steps as I did and every step up was half his height!  During the steepest section he needed me to carry him, which I begrudgingly did, for about 100 yards.  By the time we reached the summit we were all a little spent. But what a payoff!  Had I not been training for it I would never been able to help three boys, and myself, get up that mountain.  That’s why I workout.  That’s what I visualize when I’m in the gym.  That’s my “Why”.  I train so I can be an active participant in my sons’ life.

I encourage you guys and gals to find your own “Why” and then go out and train for it.  And what you accomplish outside of the gym……that’s the stuff that life is all about!!

The view from the summit at Humpback Rock. Way to go, Nic, Jake, and Zac!
The view from the summit at Humpback Rock. Way to go, Nic, Jake, and Zac!