Wareing’s Gym 2017 Holiday Video

  After 57 years in in this business, 2017 has been the best one yet for Wareing’s Gym. We can tell ourselves it’s because of new equipment or renovations, but the truth is, it’s the members. It’s the growing sense of community that they help to create. You see Wareing’s Gym isn’t just about getting

The Post-Nautilus/Bodybuilding Era Fitness Method

Are You Strong Enough?

Are You Strong Enough?   I had an epiphany during a conversation with one of our members the other day after one of her many trips to physical therapy.  When I asked her what she was doing in PT, she said exercises to strengthen her knee.  I bet that I have a dozen conversations a

Yoga Theraputics Series II

Wareing’s Gym is pleased to announce that Diane Malaspina will be conducting her second Yoga Therapeutics Series “Yoga As A Modality For Healing” Beginning October 4th

Yoga Therapeutics Series: an Interview with Diane Malaspina

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Diane Malaspina about the Yoga Therapeutics Series she will be conducting here at Wareing’s. While it was my first chance to have a real, free flowing conversations with Diane, many of you probably know Diane from Tech & Restore and the some of the

Enjoy The Journey, But Don’t Loose Sight Of The Destination.

What is your motivation? I love to hear about people’s workouts.  I think it’s great to share with others what you are doing in the gym or on the road.  Quite often I can pick up some new things to try myself, or share with friends and clients.  However, for me the most important thing

Sound Approach To Supplements

I am amazed by social media. What was once a great way to reconnect with old friends and share pictures with distant relatives, is now an internet flea market. And how does Facebook know that I’m a 45-year-old bald man with a wife and three kids? Kinda scary! I am also amazed at what people