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Exercise Makes You Happy. Here’s Why.

“When you finish a good workout you don’t simply feel better, you feel better about yourself.”

George Allen, Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee

Sometimes workouts hit the spot, but more often it seems the best part of the workout is when it’s finished. Winning the battle over inactivity is a great accomplishment and can is often a positive mood-changer. We can’t wait for motivation to find us, we have to take action. Exercise is not always easy, no matter how fit you are, but it is ALWAYS worth it. 

This is why so many experts claim that “exercise is medicine.” Exercise, whether resistance training, cardio or yoga, can be linked to a better overall mood. Many of our regular members refer to their gym time as therapy. Indeed, exercise is a great remedy for stress. 

When you exercise, your body increases production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood. Serotonin has shown to be very low in individuals who suffer from depression. 

The other magical chemical reaction exercise induces is an endorphin boost. Most runners know this feeling, however, an endorphin kick can result from any type of challenging exercise. The endorphin boost blocks out pain and produces a natural high.

Many different types of exercise promote blood flow or circulation throughout the body, potentially lowering inflammation in the body. Inflammation comes in different forms — acute or chronic — and can be a potential cause for depression. A great way to stay protected from inflammation is to move your body on a regular basis. 

Maybe the best part of what exercise can do for you is improve the feeling of self. Exercise encourages happier thoughts and can better self-perception. It distracts from negative thoughts that creep in our heads from time to time. Depression and negative thoughts can rob us of our self esteem while exercise provides a sense of self-propose. 

So, if you’re feeling a little down, get moving! Do something. Don’t wait for motivation to come to you. Exercise: you’ll be happy you did it!

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