Extended Hours

Extended Hours

Ever dreamed of having your own key to the gym? Maybe slip in later at night or early in the morning when you can have the place to yourself? With a one-time payment of $40, now you can.

With your special Wareing’s Gym key card, you can come to the gym earlier - or stay later. They gym won’t be staffed, and there won’t be any classes or training sessions. But you’ll have full access to all the equipment and locker rooms.

The key to great fitness is in your hand.

New Staffed Hours

Mon - Thursday: 6AM - 7:30PM
Fri: 6AM - 6:30PM
Sat: 8AM - 12PM
Sun: 9AM - 12PM

Adjusted Extended Hours

Mon - Fri: 4AM - 10PM
Sat - Sun: 5AM - 5PM