Current Members

How old do you have to be to be allowed to workout on the gym floor?

18 Years of age.

Can I bring children with me to the gym?

Yes. During certain hours we have Child Care which, when open, is supervised by one of our trusted staff members. You are more than welcomed to place your child here while you are in the facility getting your workout in. We ask that all children who are not 18 or older or who are not attending a Parisi Speed School class be kept off of the gym floor for their own safety and the safety of our members. There are heavy objects being lifted and being put back down, machines with moving parts that little fingers can get into and so forth, and we just don’t want anyone getting hurt. For more information on child care, or to speak with Sarah Wareing’s, our Childcare Manager, click here. If it is your first time using our child care services, feel free to download and print a copy of our Child Care Registration Form and Waiver here to make your first drop off a breeze. If you feel your child or student-athlete could benefit from a physical fitness program outside of his or her school, Wareing’s Gym has an amazing solution! Click here to learn more about the
Parisi Speed School at Wareing’s!

Will I get charged for any Team Training or Small Group Training Sessions that I signed up for but did not attend and failed to early cancel?

Yes. You will. Please keep in mind that our Team Training and Small Group Training Sessions have limited spots available. Reserving a spot in either is ensuring that no one else can take your place, and that a qualified and highly trained Coach will be present to take you through your workout. Failing to early cancel potentially prevents another member from training, as well as not providing the coach that was eagerly awaiting your arrival the opportunity to make other arrangements, such as booking another client or simply going home to their family a little early.

I can’t make it to a class or event I signed up for. How do I cancel?

Thanks for asking! You can early cancel (no less than 2 hrs prior to the appointment or class time) for a Team Training or Small Group Session you’ve signed up for by using the MindBody Web Page, or using the Mindbody Connect Mobile App on your smartphone or mobile device.
For more information on how to use these, please click here. You may also call the gym and ask our front desk staff to early cancel you, and if it’s not too late to do so, we would be happy to do that for you!

Can I sign up for sessions online, or on my smart phone or other mobile devices?

Of course you can! We may be the nation’s oldest standing gym, but we’re not a fossil!

On your desktop computer or mac you can go to a web page called MindBody. On your smartphone
and mobile devices you can download the MindBody Connect app for Iphone and Android. For more information on how to arrive on the MindBody web page via your PC or Mac, how to download the Mindbody Connect App for SmartPhone or mobile device, click here.

I need to cancel my membership. What I do I do?

What! We’d hate to see you go! It makes our muscles sad! But if you must, please
contact Jackie via email here. She will either process your request or offer any alternate solutions that you may not have been aware of which could make it easy for you to keep your membership with us active.

Is there any way I can freeze my account for a short amount of time?

Yes! Please believe us when we say that we know from experience that life happens and stuff comes up!
If you have any extenuating circumstances that would keep you from the gym for a short while and feel that temporarily freezing your account would help you out, please let us know by contacting our wonderful Jackie Wareing via email here , and she will promptly reach out to you to talk with and see together what kind of a solution we can work out.

I’ve been a member for a while, and my particular membership does not include classes. Can I still take a class? Do I have any options?

You know it!

First, if you know you love classes, then I encourage you to speak to one of us here at the gym about upgrading your membership level. It will be the most convenient and most cost effective way for you to take full advantage of our class offerings.

If on the other hand you’re on the fence, and/or just aren’t prepared to commit to an upgrade of your membership, you can absolutely still partake in the great and exciting classes we offer. And it is easy to do. Here’s how:

1) Stop by the front desk and have our staff receive your payment for the drop in fee, or for a list of our current prices.

2) You can also simply sign up for your class online, either via your computer or mobile device by clicking here and have us receive payment for your drop-in at the front desk when you arrive.

If I bring a guest, can they take classes?

Of course! Taking a class led by one of our coaches is one of the best ways to get a great
workout. If your guest is visiting our gym for the first time, their entry into Wareing’s is on us! All they will have to pay for is a drop in fee for the class they wish to attend.

Can I bring a guest to the gym?

Absolutely! Every Wareing’s Member is encouraged to bring in guests. The first time you
bring someone in to show off just how awesome your gym is, it’s on us. They will pay nothing, and all that we will require of them is to have fun, work hard, and complete a short liability waiver prior to getting a great workout in. After that initial, complimentary visit, make sure to ask our front desk staff about the great short term options we have available should your guest wish to come back in again.

Visitors & Guests

Can Guest and visitors attend classes?

We encourage you to do so. We have short term pricing for access to our gym with or without classes. To see a listing of all our prices, click here.

What are your prices?

We are glad to announce that all new memberships are on a month to month agreement. Our prices are structured to meet your personal fitness needs. Please feel free to drop by the gym to take a look and get the most current prices.

I’m here for the summer. What are my membership options?

Hello. Month to month is probably your best bet, unless you are a student, in which case give us a call or drop by to get the most up to date info on our student rates.

Can you tell me about your Amenities? Do you have showers? Towels? Pool? An Olympic Size PingPong Table? Well? Do you?

Well, we have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that we don’t have a pool OR an Olympic Sized Pingpong Table. The Good news is that we do have an OCEAN just a couple blocks away, and it’s open to all our members.
We also offer:
• Full Showers in both the men’s and Ladies locker rooms
• Towels and Towel Laundering services at no additional cost
• Sauna in the Ladies Locker room and a Steam Room in the Men’s locker room
• Child care, free of charge to all our members and guest
• And more…

Do you offer Military/Family/student discounts?

We do not offer family or Military discounts. We do however offer Student discounts.

I’m going to be in town for less than month and am interested in working out Wareing’s. What are my options? What are you prices?

Thanks for considering us as your home away from home to fulfill your fitness needs. Rest assured that if it works out that you end up training at our facility you will be treated as nothing short of a full-fledged Wareing’s Gym Family Member for the duration of your stay with us. We are happy to say that we have several short-term options for you.As always, feel free to give us a call, peruse through our Amenities section of this FAQs page,
or just stop in for a tour. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Our Gym

What is “Open Gym”, and does it mean I am on my own, that no one will help me just because I didn’t pay for classes or private instruction? I’m scared.

Don’t be scared, we are here for you. To spot you when you lift scary things, to give you a high five when you hit a PR, to tell you to chill with the pre-workout drinks, to help fool you into thinking that leg days are fun so that you’ll finally do one, and to remind you to put your weights up. We are always here for you.

What kind of classes do you offer?

Our classes are actually Large Group Personal Training sessions we call Team Training. Available sessions include Foundations, Industrial Strength, Afterburn, Zone Training and Recovery. For a description and current listing of our class offerings, please click here.

Do you offer Private Instruction?

We do. However, availability is very limited as most of our coaches’ time is invested in Small Group Training, which in our experience seems to yield better results to most clients while still delivering quality, individualized instruction. However, should feel that private instruction is what you are in need of, please contact Our Director of Training Operations, Chris Ullom here, or contact one of our coaches through the staff page.

What kind of training can I do at Wareing’s?

At Wareing’s you will find a variety of training options to help you reach your goals, from Semiprivate instruction in our Small Group Training program, to a wide range of Team Training formats including yoga and timed interval classes. You can also come in and do your own cardio or weight work by taking advantage of our Open Gym floor, and if you need any help, rest assured that a staff member is around to give you that spot, encouragement, or advice you need.

Do you do Pizza Parties?

Next question, please.

Do you guys have any weird gym rules? You know, like not making any noise whatsoever even though you’re lifting potentially super heavy stuff and have to take in and release really deep breaths in order deliver oxygen rich blood to your muscles in order to facilitate lifting that potentially super heavy stuff over and over and over again?

No. You can find a list of our House Rules here. We think most will be hard pressed to classify any of them as “weird” unless you lack even a modicum of common sense and courtesy.

Is it true that Wareing’s is the oldest Gym in the America?

Seems that way. Check out this article by Norm Cates of club Insider by clicking here.

Parisi Speed School

Can I freeze or cancel my Parisi Agreement?

Our annual contracts come with a three month minimum. After three months you may cancel at any time.

Can I drop my child off early and pick them up late?

We ask that every possible effort is made to drop the kids off on time and pick them up promptly.

Do I as a parent have to be present during my child’s Parisi training session?

Parents do not have to be present during a training session but we highly encourage you to be present for the evaluation process.

If my child is a Parisi Speed School athlete, do they also have a membership to the gym so that they can workout on their own or with me when I go to the gym?


Why can’t I sign my athlete up for Parisi Speed School Sessions online or on my App?

Our software system does not have this capability at the present, but we are working towards that goal.

Can I sign my Athlete up for his or her Parisi Classes online?

Currently, the best way to signup for classes is to call or stop by the gym.

Does this stuff really work?

As the national leader in performance training, we have over 90 franchises throughout the United States and to date, have trained over 700,000 athletes. Yeah, I would say this stuff works.

How do I know what classes my athlete should be signing up for?

At the conclusion of the evaluation, you will be presented with a prescription for your child based on his/her goals and their performance during the evaluation.

What is meant by the TP1, TP2, and how do I know which level my child is in?

The TP levels stand for Total Performance and are broken down into TP1 (11 – 14 years) and TP2 (14 – 18 years). The placement of your child into the appropriate category will be determined during the evaluation.

How do I go about setting up a Parisi evaluation for my child?

Simply call the gym at (757) 4910700, or send us an email by clicking here.

What’s the First step in getting my child involved with the Parisi Speed School at Wareing’s Gym?

The best place to start is with a comprehensive evaluation. During this 90 minute evaluation, we will assess goals, injuries and training history as well as movement skills, running mechanics, speed, power, agility, strength and fitness.

I’m an adult. Can I take Parisi?

We do not have an adult Parisi program but many of the same techniques are taught in All-Around Athlete on Friday mornings at 6am.

How old does my child need to be to get involved with Parisi Speed School at Wareing’s Gym?

Our specialty is in training kids from 11 to 18 years old, but we also train collegiate/pro athletes.

What is Parisi?

Parisi’s is an education and movement system designed to improve both speed of movement and strength of character in young athletes. We are the national leader in performance training.