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Not sure how to get to where it is you want to go? At Wareing’s, we want to set each of our members up for success in achieving their fitness goals. That is why we offer a Starting Point Session to prospective members.  In essence, this a scheduled, one-hour evaluation. It all begins with a sit down with Chris Ullom, our Program Director, during which he will encourage you to dig deep to pin down exactly what it is you wish to achieve with your fitness routine. Next, Chris will take you out onto the gym floor and put you through a series of movements- a mobility assessment- in which he will ascertain your mobility and strength levels. Armed with the information from both the discussion and what he saw from your movements patterns, Chris will then prescribe to you a series of training options that he feels you will love AND get you to your fitness goals. There is no obligation, and all that is required to schedule your evaluation is to fill out the contact form below. You will promptly receive a phone call and email from someone on our staff who will be more than happy to help you get the ball rolling by finding a time that will be convenient for you to schedule your evaluation.

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