Maxwell Wareing – Small Group Training Coach & Director Of The Parisi Speed School

A Virginia Beach Native. Max has been in Wareing’s Gym since he was two days old. As the youngest son of Bob Wareing, he is a highly energetic coach that loves helping people achieve their goals. Max has been a performance coach for four years and has since become the Program Director of the Parisi Speed School at Wareing’s Gym.

Janel McGowan – Team Training & Restorative Training Coach

Janel has dedicated her whole life to Fitness. In her younger years was very competitive in
basketball and volleyball.  When she tore her ACL in a game she was very determined to be
back on the courts by senior year. During rehab, aerobics classes played a big part and also
became a passion of hers. After high school she moved from San Diego to attend East Carolina
University where she taught aerobics and graduated with a Bachlor’s Degree in health and
fitness in 2008.