Member Success Stories

Member Success Stories



Alice Titsis IMG_2883Alice Titsis

“This is long overdue but it’s important to me to share. There are many reasons why I don’t miss my workouts at Wareings. Among them are Teri Twine’s afterburn classes that change daily, weekly and monthly keeping them motivating and new, Max Wareing’s personal drive and attention he has shown my daughter and her entire soccer club in their Parisi training and his dedication to helping train me and the coaches that get to know every member on a personal level and greet me with a smile daily and the positive energy from each and every one of them.

I would be remiss though, if I didn’t share what one coach in particular has helped me accomplish. More than a year ago, Jimmy Mitchum came to me and said “what are your goals this year?”. I skeptically answered that I want to improve my diet and be able to do a pull up. I appreciated that he was asking but I doubted that given all of the members he sees day in and day out that he would take the time to focus on helping me accomplish my specific goals. I was working out daily and continued to maintain my exact weight and body fat because outside of the gym I ate carelessly. Jimmy recognized that I wanted to change my diet but the motivation and will power was not there. He approached me with a challenge to do the Whole 30 with him. He would do it with me and stick to it and keep me motivated and hold me accountable along the way. He even gave me a start date and committed to me that he would stick to it because it was something he wanted to do. From the day we started, Jimmy communicated with me daily including sharing his own cravings and struggles but I didn’t dare fail or give in. It never dawned on me that this young guy who is fit and certainly did not have body fat issues was not doing this to lose weight or because he ate as carelessly as I did. We did make it through 30 days and I began to notice the benefits eating clean provided. I began to decrease body fat and 3 months later I continue to make healthier choices.

I am not certain if Jimmy truly wanted to take on this challenge as a goal for himself or to use it as a way to motivate me but the fact is… I did it because he helped me. He motivated me, he pushed me and he took a personal interest. This is above and beyond what I imagined when I joined Wareings and I thank Jimmy for the passion he has and shares.

Jimmy, I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve helped me accomplish. Your focus, passion and love for what you do is so appreciated.

And by the way, he also helped me get that pull up!”

–  Alice Titsis, Wareing’s Gym Member


Deanna Hartsog

Before joining Wareing’s in the fall of 2014 was in a bit of a workout rut.
I used to be an in-shape person in my early 20s, but then life got in the way.  The gym was on the back burner and each time I tried to get back at it, I felt discouraged by my overall out-of-shape status, and decided it was best for me to avoid any gym time. (bad idea!) I also developed a degenerative spine issue that caused me a lot of pain.

When my wedding was approaching I knew I wanted to get back to the old me. But I also knew I clearly lacked the personal accountability to do it on my own at a $10/month gym. If I wanted a change, I needed a gym that had a dedicated staff working to help me reach my goals.

That’s when I found Wareing’s.

When I had my very first evaluation on day one, I was self-conscious, nervous, and a bit intimidated by all the healthy people working out like I used to. (turns out they’re all really nice!)

But, from my very first evaluation, Chris taught me that I was working out all wrong! Every exercise I thought was right was doing more harm than good to my back. Chris taught me better ways to move, what exercises to avoid, and helped me make a plan based on my needs and my goals.

That’s when I knew Wareing’s was different. They cared about me as a person and about my overall health. They showed me that running was a terrible idea — and jumping? I haven’t jumped since I joined Wareing’s. No one will let me!

Overtime, I noticed that my back hurt less, my clothes began to fit better, but I still wanted a big final push before my wedding. So I signed up for small group training.

Working one-on-one with a coach has really been a game changer. I lost about 13 pounds but more importantly, I lost body fat, gained muscle (sometimes in places I didn’t even know muscle existed) and my pain in my spine virtually went away.

I have stuck with the small group training ever since. I’m now even stronger and more confident than I was on my wedding day. Instead of being intimidated by the in-shape people in my classes, I’m one of them. I really owe that to the dedicated coaching staff that looked at me, and wanted to help me become a better version of myself.

Wareing’s believes in the process, and no matter your age, shape, or size, they will coach you all the way to your goals, and make sure that you do it in a way that is safe and healthy for you.

– Deanna Hartsog, Wareing’s Gym Member

Rob Prodan

Q1. What was life like before Wareings gym and what is life like since joining Wareings gym?
A. Prior to joining Wareings gym the gym portion of my life was a struggle due in large part to my lack of knowledge relating to training. My workouts often became stale and I found it difficult to maintain enthusiasm. Since joining Wareings gym I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. The entire staff is knowledgeable and friendly and provides the expertise and motivation my workouts had been lacking.

Q2. What emotions did you feel when you first started…fear? Anxiety? Hopeful? Etc.
A. When I began working out at Wareings gym I was in the beginning stages of recovery from spine surgery due to a ruptured disc which made me a bit anxious. However, the overwhelming feeling I felt was hopefulness because the staff took a genuine interest in my injury and kept me on a safe path.

Q3. How has your life changed since joining Wareings gym?
A. Since joining Wareings gym my quality of life has improved due to an increase in my energy level and confidence in my fitness.

Q4. What results have you seen and noticed?
A. Since joining Wareings gym I have noticed an increase in my strength and stamina..

Q5. What’s something good that happened that you weren’t expecting?
A. Since joining Wareings gym my wife, my mother and step father have joined the gym which has resulted in the unexpected benefit of creating an environment in which each of us seems to be a bit more motivated to improve our fitness.

Q6. What sets Wareings apart from other gyms?
A. The thing that sets Wareings gym apart from other gyms is the feeling of family I felt from the first moment I walked in the door. For me, the engaging manner in which every trainer takes a genuine interest in my fitness and well-being is something that makes Wareings special.

Q7. What does Wareings do best?
A. Wareings provides the best group of trainers that I have experienced.

Q8. If someone asked you why they should join Wareings gym, what would you say?
A. When I have been asked about Wareings gym I have enthusiastically encourage others to join. From the initial evaluation to the small group training and group classes, Wareings provides a gym experience that is second to none. In my opinion, no better gym experience can be found in our area and I feel truly blessed to be a part of the Wareings family.

Dennis Hartig

Q1. What was life like before Wareing’s gym and what is life like since joining Wareing’s gym?
A. Life was good before Wareing’s Gym. Then I retired, and with my new free time, I discovered through Wareing’s Gym that life could be a lot better if only I felt better.

I had felt sluggish for so long I thought it was normal. I thought feeling sluggish went with being older. At Wareing’s I learned that is not true. Wareing’s helped me feel better, but not at first. I actually felt worse for a few months.

Q2. What emotions did you feel when you first started…fear? Anxiety? Hopeful? Etc.
A. I was self conscious because the workouts were unfamiliar and some required more coordination than I had at the time. Working out around me were all these men and women who knew what they were doing, looked good doing it and looked like they were having fun. I knew I didn’t look good doing it. And I was ‘t having any fun. But Tony, Mike and Jesse — with their jokes, wisecracks and needling  — kept telling me to hang in there because the pieces would fall into place. And the pieces did fall in place and faster than I expected.

Q3. How has your life changed since joining Wareings gym?
A. There’s been a big change, physically and mentally. The trimmer I got, the trimmer I wanted to get. (And my sluggishness evaporated.) But there is only so much weight I could lose in the gym. So that motivated me to change the way I ate and how much I ate. My wife, Diane, was having the same thoughts so we joined Weight Watchers. So we kept each other honest. The exercise and change in eating have made a huge difference for both of us.

Q4. What results have you seen and noticed?
A. I weigh 50-55 pounds less than when I first walked in the gym the first week of January in 2009.

About two years ago I found an old leather belt in the back of the closet that I had discarded a quarter century ago because it no longer fit. Now it does, with room to spare because my spare tire is gone. It is pretty beat up, but I love wearing it simply because I can.

I have a lot of energy and stamina and I like the way my clothes fit.

One other thing: I am often the oldest person in the after burn classes. Keeping up with the younger men and women makes me feel younger. When I started at the gym, I could never imagine being in the shape to do a class like that.

Q5. What’s something good that happened that you weren’t expecting?
A. I was not looking forward to working out when I started. I did it because I was worried about my health and stamina, particularly my high blood pressure. So in a way I viewed regular workouts like  taking unpleasant medicine. It was unpleasant but necessary. And I had no choice: I had to go. Diane, who has been a member since 1991, gave me a gift certificate.

But I was surprised by how much I started looking forward to going to Wareing’s. I liked the way I felt when I finished a workout, and I did not like how sluggish I felt when we went out of town and I missed  week or two. So I became a regular,  not from guilt but because I enjoyed it.

Q6. What sets Wareings apart from other gyms?
A. What sets the gym apart is the welcoming and fun atmosphere created by the staff. Everyone seems happy that you have showed up. And the trainers go out of their way to make sure you are doing exercises correctly even when you are not working with a trainer. They are eager to show you how to do new exercises, to suggest exercises and to correct your form.
And the other gym members are fun to be around.

Q7. What does Wareings do best?
A. The atmosphere encourages you to return and return often. There are no strangers at Wareing’s Gym

Q8. If someone asked you why they should join Wareings gym, what would you say?
A. Wareing’s Gym will figure out what kind of training is best for you and will encourage you to get fit and stay fit. And if you let it, you will find it’s fun to go.