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John Wareing

John Wareing, took over the family business in 1960 when he opened the very first Wareing’s Gym on Laskin Road in Virginia Beach.The legendary John Wareing touched the lives of thousands of people during his life.He was a fitness guru, war hero, strongman, television personality, police officer, comedian and a driving force in the fitness industry in Virginia Beach. While tough, charismatic and gregarious, he was extremely devoted to his friends and family. Tales of his “crazy” personality are still shared by many of the gym’s long-tenured members. He had such an impact on this city, he was immortalized in bronze and stands watch over the oceanfront at 19th street.

Bob Wareing

December 1, 1950 – February 22, 2001

Robert J. “Bobby” Wareing, eldest son of fitness guru, pugilist and raconteur, John Wareing, entered the world of physical fitness at a young age. A gifted athlete, Bobby achieved success in football, wrestling, weight lifting and later in boxing, winning the Chicago Golden Gloves, before concentrating on expanding the family gym into becoming a national icon.

Wareing’s Gym’s prominence flourished under the leadership of Bobby Wareing, and was recently recognized by being named the “Oldest Gym in America” by Club Insider Magazine.

In the 1990’s, Bobby assumed yet another role, as the trainer and conditioning coach for a young boxing hopeful, Pernell “Sweetpea” Whitaker. Bobby introduced new training techniques, including strength training, plyometric and speed conditioning not heretofore used by the more traditional boxing gyms around the country, but which would later be utilized by boxing camps almost routinely. Under Bobby’s tutelage, Pernell Whitaker became a four-weight world champion, was recognized by Ring Magazine as the best “Pound-for-Pound” fighter over a span of 10 years and was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Probably, more than Bobby’s athletic prowess was his ability to bring the best out of the people around him, to help each Gym member achieve their own level of fitness and make everyone feel a part of the Gym. Bobby was a friend to all and always put these friendships ahead of other priorities.

Tragically, in 2001 Bobby Wareing died at the young age of 50 years old, the result of an aortic aneurism.

An old family saying uttered by his father before him…“You can judge a person, not by the clothes they wear…, but by the friends they keep”. Over 2,000 friends showed up at Bobby’s funeral to pay homage to a great man and a great friend.

Mike Wareing

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Tony Wareing

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Jake Wareing

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Chris Ullom

Chris has been with Wareing’s Gym for over 15 years. A Chesapeake native, he earned a B.S. in Sports Medicine from Old Dominion University. But he didn’t stop there. After a Master’s in Physical Education from Radford University, Chris followed up with additional certifications and extensive training experience. Chris is convinced we live in a knee-dominant world. That’s why he recommends deadlifts to clients who want to get the most bang for their buck, working the whole body with an emphasis on the hips, NOT the knees. Predictably, his least favorite exercise is the bad-for-you seated knee extension. Be nice to your knees, y’all! Chris’ orders.

Jackie Wareing

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Maxwell Wareing

Max is a realist. He knows the best workout routine is the one you’ll stick with. Max works with our clients to set achievable fitness goals and make a plan to determine the best way to reach those goals. After becoming a certified Parisi Performance Coach in 2014, Max became the Parisi Performance program director a year later. He enjoys helping youth athletes achieve peak performance while staying safe and having fun. A big fan of deadlifts, he knows that it takes a strong coach to build stronger clients. He also knows that the only thing standing in the way of your goals is… YOU. Start training with Max today.

Janel McGowan

Thanks to her “Navy brat” upbringing, Janel has lived all over the place, from her hometown in upstate New York to growing up in sunny San Diego. However, nowhere could have prepared her for the humidity of outdoor running in Virginia Beach! So Janel decided that she prefers to remain indoors and work on strength or power exercises instead. (We don’t blame her.) After getting a degree in health & fitness from East Carolina University, Janel worked in corporate fitness for the better part of a decade. These days, Janel swears by a mantra of “quality not quantity” when it comes to executing successful fitness plans for our Wareing’s Gym clients.

Jesse Wareing

At Wareing’s, we treat you like family — sometimes literally! Jesse has been a part of the Wareing’s family since 1978 when he was born into the celebrated Virginia Beach fitness dynasty. As an IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist and Parisi Performance Coach, Jesse insists that the key to a successful routine is to focus on what you enjoy most. That’s probably why you won’t find him running any long distance marathons; he likes to switch it up with short bursts of challenging activity like back squats. According to Jesse, the best part of Wareing’s is being part of a community and building lifelong friendships. We agree!

Sarah McLure Wareing

You already know you’re in great hands at Wareing’s Gym, so we’ll let Sarah Wareing herself let you in on the best advice she can give to anyone looking to get fit: “Surround yourself with positive people who believe in YOU! We will all have times we struggle to have the energy and drive to push ourselves to go find the strongest, healthiest, most courageous version of ourselves. Most times it just takes someone else saying, “You got this” to push yourself to success.” Well said, Sarah.

Teri Twine

If your workout needs some tough love, Teri is the trainer for you. A police dispatcher in a former life, her friendly demeanor and no-nonsense attitude get results. After over a decade at Wareing’s Gym, Teri has the proof to back it up. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Old Dominion University, Teri is a certified personal trainer who is also TRX certified, Spin certified, and CPR certified. (That’s a lot of certifications.) With a penchant for burpees — yes, really! — Teri knows just what it takes to achieve incredible results. No magic pill, just hard work. Show your body some love by getting tough with Teri!

Matt Campbell

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Sarah MacMillan

Go Eagles! Sarah proves that you can take the girl outta Philly, but good luck taking Philly outta the girl. Sarah has been with Wareing’s Gym for nearly 3 years and in that time, she’s never met an exercise she didn’t like. (Well, except maybe walking.) She’s a certified personal trainer with a degree in communications, so she knows just how to convince clients to go the extra mile. Sarah is an enthusiastic advocate for the buddy system, knowing that fitness plans are better with friends. Everyone needs an “accountibili-bud” … maybe Sarah could be yours!

Jimmy Mitchum

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Matt Timms

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Shea Fitzpatrick

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