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Small Group Training

Personal Attention = Fitness Goals Met

Sometimes a person’s goals are a little more specific than “I want to get fit.” Individual goals require a well-designed plan and a clear course of action. With workouts that are scalable to all fitness levels and a small coach-to-client ratio, Small Group Personal Training is the best choice for anyone who knows exactly what they want to accomplish. And because the sessions are shared with 2-3 other clients, Small Group Personal Training is an affordable way to share the cost of a professional coach.

About Small Group Training

Your hour-long session begins with soft-tissue work on the foam roller followed by a variety of corrective exercise strategies designed to improve movement patterns and facilitate your workout. Your Small Group Training coach will guide you through a variety of functional strength-training exercises to improve posture, strength, balance and performance, all while decreasing the likelihood of injury.


The first step in any training program should be to overcome movement dysfunction. That may involve a combination of inhibiting overactive muscles, activating underactive muscles and/or restoring natural joint motion. Once proper movement has been restored, those patterns need to be strengthened through a progressive system of training. At Wareing’s Gym, we believe that when people move better, they feel better.

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