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Stacey Bray

Stacey Bray

Growing up in New England, spending summers and some winters in Alaska… she developed a love for all things outdoors, an appreciation for the simple life, a varied palate and an adaptable and resilient spirit.

From a young age, she knew her calling was to care for others. But first she needed to go through some personal experiences and adversity that would not only shape who she was, but allow her to truly help others in an impactful way.

Learning the importance of how our physical and spiritual health affects our mental health led her to become a Personal Trainer and Life mentor (coach). Over 15 years of working with several clients in different capacities, she started to see many suffering with chronic health issues and didn’t know how to help them on a root level. She also was frustrated with her own body changes and what once worked before wasn’t working any longer. This led her to go back to school to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

As an NTP, It gave her the knowledge to see what is going on on a much deeper level and find solutions that actually work! It’s a game changer and she looks forward to working with you.

Stacey currently lives in Virginia Beach, VA with her husband, stepdaughter, oldest son and doggie. Her youngest son is finishing his senior year in CO where they lived for the last
25 years.

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