Wareing’s Gym 2017 Holiday Video


After 57 years in in this business, 2017 has been the best one yet for Wareing’s Gym. We can tell ourselves it’s because of new equipment or renovations, but the truth is, it’s the members. It’s the growing sense of community that they help to create. You see Wareing’s Gym isn’t just about getting into shape, it’s mostly about cultivating relationships.

This past year, we’ve really started working to document our one of a kind facility. We wanted our Gym Family to see what we as a staff get to see every day. We don’t just see people working hard and sweating, we see the smiles. We see the friendships building. We see people in their, “happy place,” where all of life’s problems get put on hold. We see the people who matter most to us growing day by day. That’s what this video represents. Sure, it’s got some fun workout footage, but the real magic is in the smiles. It’s in seeing these incredible people letting their guards down and just enjoying themselves.

Thank YOU for making 2017 our best year ever and we believe us when we say that we can hardly even wait to see how much better 2018 is going to be!

Yoga Therapeutics Series: an Interview with Diane Malaspina

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Diane Malaspina about the Yoga Therapeutics Series she will be conducting here at Wareing’s. While it was my first chance to have a real, free flowing conversations with Diane, many of you probably know Diane from Tech & Restore and the some of the other yoga classes she has taught here at Wareing’s. Just recently, she has also conducted Yoga Teacher Certification Programs. The following is a transcript of that conversation.