DEKA - Spartan Program

The DEKA Philosophy

The Greeks were the first on record to gamify and test fitness and the Greek term DEKA means Ten.

With our 10 DEKA Zones, we’re providing a well rounded functional test for all levels of fitness.

Every zone is based on rudimentary movements that don’t require any specific training or education to complete.


Think thousands of years ago when it wasn’t called exercise, fitness, or training.


It was survival.


Lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, kneeling, jumping/stepping/climbing over something, getting down on the ground and standing back up, and three basic forms of transportation – row, ski, & cycle.


Training with purpose before and in between each DEKA Mark test/event provides an opportunity for every level of fitness to improve in these 10 functional areas of movement.


As DEKA Marks (time/score) improve, well rounded fitness and health & wellness improves.


The zone sequence and flow is designed to start with basic movements throughout the early zones that when combined target the entire body and then finish with zones 6-10 with the last 5 requiring 100% full body focus for each zone.


There are 10 functional fitness zones participants will complete to earn their DEKA MARK (time/score).


(Zero Running)


(160M Run before each zone for 1 Mile Total)


(500 M Run Before Each Zone For A 5K Total)

The Wareing's Philosophy

We believe that the best movements are ones that are performed the right way. Incorrect form and movement is the main cause of injury and chronic pain. Strength is the key. Strong, controlled movement should be the cornerstone of any training program. Wareing’s also believes that intensity should always be present. If an exercise is going to change you, it is imperative that it also challenges you.



Work as hard as you can, then rest and repeat. By utilizing strength-based movements for a short duration with high intensity followed by built-in rest periods, we are able to elevate your resting metabolic rate and keep it going for hours after your workout ends. This “afterburn” effect is the most effective way to promote fat loss through exercise.


Strength Training

Strength is the single most important aspect of fitness. Period. Whether your goals are fat loss, injury prevention, appearance or longevity – strength is always the key. With lower reps and higher loads, Wareing’s Gym is able to help you train for strength without the bulk.


Aerobic Training

Wareing’s Gym knows how to get your heart rate up and keep it up safely utilizing a variety of functional tools, including bikes, sleds, ropes, bodyweight and more. By maintaining your heart rate at 70-85% of max for the duration of class, you can maximize using stored fat as a fuel source.


Entry Level Team Training

If you are brand new to training or just coming back after a long time off, Fundamentals is the best way to start a Team Training membership. Enjoy smaller class sizes, more scalable movements and generous rest-to-work ratios, all within a comprehensive training program.



Posture affects performance. Keep your form in top shape with this low impact class. Give your hardworking muscles the proper post-workout attention they need. With the right stretch, you can recover more quickly and reduce soreness, helping you get back to the gym refreshed and ready for your next workout.

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