For nearly a century, the Wareing name has been synonymous with physical fitness. Since 1923, our legacy began with Bill Wareing, Sr., a renowned physical culturist in New York City. His son, John Wareing, continued the tradition, opening the first Wareing’s Gym in 1960. A legendary figure in Virginia Beach, John touched countless lives as a fitness guru, war hero, strongman, and more.

As we expanded throughout the ‘80s, ‘90s, and 2000s, Wareing’s Gym became a local fitness leader. Today, the torch has passed to a new generation, ready to tackle current health epidemics. Our enduring success is rooted in hard work, real results, strong relationships, and a good laugh. At Wareing’s, we prioritize family, and as a new member, you’re now part of our family.



Since 1960, Wareing’s Gym has made it our mission to be the best part of people’s day. We strive for every member to leave the gym feeling better than when they arrived. Our success has never relied on equipment or programming nearly as much as it has the very people we consider ourselves fortunate to coach. By treating our people less like clients and more as an integral part of our culture, we create an environment that minimizes judgment while promoting support and a sense of community among one another. While it’s vastly important to see people’s bodies feeling better, the true goal is to sustain an environment where people are free to feel better about themselves.


“Our grandfather opened the first Wareing’s Gym in 1923. Our father opened his gym over 45 years ago (1960) in Virginia Beach. The success of our grandfather and father was because of their “ always give more than you take” attitude, with their “no frills”, “no nonsense”, just results approach to proper exercise. When our father turned the gym over to us in 1978 we maintained a commitment to these family traditions and beliefs.
We have always strived to do the common things, uncommonly well, and it’s not the quantity of instruction that we do, but the quality of instruction that we do that counts. Because of these feelings and beliefs, we know that there is no other advertisement like a good reputation. Our gyms reputation shows the integrity and honesty of what our name represents. We truly believe the level that we give our members affects everything else in our gym, and our lives.
We must never be satisfied that our instruction is fairly good, or good enough. Nothing short of the best is good enough. Nothing short of the best will do because only the best is good enough to provide our members the results and benefits that they have paid for. “Their success is our success.”
Helping a person realize their potential helps them, it helps the gym, the community, and even the world, but just as importantly it helps you as a person.”

- The Wareing's Family