Everything starts with an EVALUATION!

Evaluating your athlete's strengths and weaknesses is paramount to designing the right program for optimal sports performance.

What we test

  • Linear Running Analysis: Measures running technique
  • 10-yard dash: Determines acceleration ability
  • Vertical jump: Assesses lower body strength
  •  5-hop broad jump: Assesses lower body power
  • 5-10-5 agility test: Determines the athletes ability to change directions
  • Max chin up test: Assesses upper body strength
  • Overhead squat: Assesses overall movement quality
  • Plank: Assesses core stability

To schedule your athlete's free evaluation, please fill out the form and a Parisi Speed Coach will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Lizzing Jennings"I joined the Parisi Speed School at Wareing’s Gym with the sole goal of improving my athletic performance in my respective sports. To my surprise however, I've done that and so much more. Everytime I walk in the door not only is it the best part of my day, but I feel as though I am continually making strides towards becoming a better version of myself. In terms of athletic training, Parisi has taught me how to move fast and efficiently, a skill which is vital to a soccer player like myself, but also how to do so safely, avoiding injury, and the reasonings behind everything that I'm asked to do. Additionally, it is often times intimidating to be strong and to lift weights, especially as a young female, but Parisi's strength training has taught me and many other kids a hunger and desire to compete and reach our goals, because strength is something to be proud of. Outside of the athletic training, Max and all the other coaches have become trusted mentors and role models who are invested in our development not only as our coaches, but more so because they recognize and appreciate the potential and individuality we each have to share. The unconditional positive regard that is provided at Parisi has raised my self-confidence and helped to build my mental toughness because of the tools we're taught for facing adversity, whether it be in the gym or not. Parisi, and all of Wareing’s Gym, is always an incredibly positive environment which fosters the development of kids like myself as strong athletes as well as learners, friends, and teammates."

Current student Lizzie Jennings

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