How-To: Conquer Barbell Back Squat

If you’ve been looking to add more power to your squat, we have the answer for you — back squats! Back squats are a core training staple that can build significant strength and power in your lower body. Squatting in general is a movement you engage in daily so it’s important to practice the motion correctly to prepare for whatever life throws your way.

Back Squat Tips

Before you start throwing weights on a bar and lifting heavy, make sure your form is perfect. This is essential in staying injury free and getting the most out of the movement pattern. Be mindful of your breath as well. Inhale as deeply as you can from your abdomen, hold as you squat down, and maintain it until you’ve completed the rep. Exhale at the top, and repeat for each additional rep.

How-to Back Squat

  • Load the squat rack with your weighted barbell.
  • Place the heel of your palms against the bar and fingers on top.
  • Walk under and rest the bar on your rear shoulder muscles. Step back away from the rack.
  • Align your feet with your shoulders, point toes out slightly. Look forward and slightly down.
  • Take a deep breath, keep a neutral spine while you stabilize your core – hold.
  • Keep your chest up, hinge at hips and knees, then squat until your hip crease is below your knee. 
  • Maintain a tight core and drive back up through your whole foot. 
  • Return to full extension and reset breath.
  • Repeat for multiple reps. Return to rack and set the bar down.

You did it! Nice work. Conquering the back squat can be extremely rewarding and is a surefire way to get those legs pumped up fast! I’m sure you feel it already. Ideally, squatting multiple times a week is the best way to see the results for all your hard work. The more time you spend under the bar, the better you’re going to be at it. Keep it up!