Training for Warriors

Do you want to burn fat, build muscle and feel good? If so, then it’s time to “join the resistance” with Training for Warriors! 

Modern society is inundated with unhealthy food, countless distractions and unbelievable stress. This combination causes diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer at all-time high rates. The sad truth is, the world is tired, fat and sick.

But we have great news. These unhealthy trends CAN be reversed. 

Training for Warriors can equip you with proper techniques, sound nutrition and necessary recovery — keys to bringing out the warrior within. 

What is Training for Warriors?

Training for Warriors is a comprehensive training program created for top martial arts fighters over 20 years ago by head coach and Parisi Speed School partner, Martin Rooney. 

Once he and his team saw what Training for Warriors could do for professional athletes, they decided to bring it to the public so everyone can benefit.

What makes Training for Warriors different is the commitment to ongoing evaluation and feedback that allows certified coaches to adapt the program’s strength and conditioning to best fit any warrior’s needs!

Today, thousands of people use the Training for Warriors system to take their fitness to the next level. 

We start with a comprehensive evaluation process that helps us design nutrition plans and customized warmups, then follow it up with flexibility work to improve speed, strength and endurance training. 

This holistic approach improves workout effectiveness, helping warriors burn fat, build muscle and feel good!

Why Training for Warriors?

Wareing’s Gym has been on the forefront of fitness for over 60 years. You don’t maintain that kind of momentum by following every fad. 

Instead, we’re always listening to our members and keeping up with the latest health and fitness research in order to bring you the most effective, safe and science-backed workouts. Period.

Training for Warriors is a proven, internationally-renowned program that’s helped thousands of people live better, healthier lives. 

So we asked ourselves, “Why isn’t anyone offering this where we live?” Well, you know what they say… if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself!

So Wareing’s Gym is proud to be the only fitness center in Virginia to offer Training for Warriors

We’re excited to bring this innovative system to our valued members and can’t wait to see how far you can go. 

Are you up for the challenge? 

Train more. Fear less. Training for Warriors.